The Advantages of Heated Towel Bars for Bathroom

Many homeowners believe that a heated towel rail doesn’t belong to an important bathroom accessory or installation. In this case, they think that these kinds of towel bars for bathroom are only suitable merely during the long winter months.

However, they actually offer countless practical benefits. Some of the reasons are because heated towel rails offer year-round advantages and don’t just oblige a cold day to do their job. After enjoying the pluses of a heated towel bars, you will probably wonder why you took so long to get it in the first place!


There are two types of heated towel bars on the market – those that work using Wet Element Technology (WET), and those that function using Dry Element Technology (DET).

Wet Element Technology

Known as well as fluid-filled heated towel rails, WET heated towel bars are how all heated towel rails used to work in the past times. By means of WET, the rails or bars are heated by submerging a cartridge element into a heat transfer liquid like oil or water. It works similar to a kettle or geyser, the element then warms up and in turn heats up the close fluid. Technical, the heated liquid will produce convection currents that circulate the fluid around inside the heated towel bars and warms up the bars. However, WET heated towel rails will need to take up to 90 minutes to warm the rails.

Dry Element Technology

On the contrary, DET technology is going to make sure that the bar is able to achieve its operating temperature in 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, it is termed as Rapid Heating. This means that you can change the rail on when desired and off when it is not needed; as a result it is saving electricity in the process.

Another advantage of DET heated towel bars is that they permit for Direct Intelligent Heating, which offers heat directly where it is required, namely in the horizontal bars below the towel. This guarantees that only the rails underneath towels warm up. When there are no towels on the bar, the bare surface will lessen in temperature to below 50°C, in which is safe to touch.


#1 – Bathroom Hygiene

Not only heated towel bars will offer you refreshingly warm towels, they will also maintain your towels dry. These dry towels are not merely beneficial in humid climates and cold weather, they are also going to preserve your bathroom germ-free for dry towels minimalize the possibility of a damp upbringing ground for microorganisms and mold.

Moreover, the towel warmers are really helpful in saving water and electricity. The reason is that since the towels will be dried directly on the rail, so you don’t need to wash them as often. In other words, you may save costs causing from an energy-guzzling tumble dryer.

#2 – Warmer Towels and Bathrooms

No matter their sizes, most bathrooms are hardly ever exposed to the sunshine and therefore have a tendency of natural chill to them. The heat supplied by the heated towel bar will not only warm up your towels, but will also warm the air in the bathroom. In fact, there’s nothing can beat the enjoyment of climbing out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a fluffy warm towel that’s been warmed up.

#3 – Pamper Relaxation

Your bathroom is a perfect space to experience special personal time out. And heated towels are definitely going to bring the sense of serenity, which helps you retaining such a relaxed state for longer moment after having your soothing hot shower or is soaking in the tub. Moreover, a fresh, warm towel is absolutely going to offer that kind of spa-like feeling, and in today’s world, who doesn’t deserve a little home indulging?

#4 – A Fashionable Touch

Heated towel bars are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes, in which will generate a chic and classy touch to your bathroom interior decor. Whether you are pursuing for classic sophistication, contemporary design or ultimate luxury, towel warmers can be one of alternatives available.


#5 – Towel Storage and Display

Bathroom towels, especially the more popular bath sheets, can eat up quite a bit of space which may cause an annoyance when faced with the encounters of bathroom storage. Heated towel bars provide a distinctive and charming way to hang towels, offering your bathroom a updated feel. Furthermore, towel warmers are also able to evoke a special touch to guest bathrooms, giving an ideal solution for making the most of the bathroom space.

#6 – Save on Electricity Costs

If you prefer to more energy saving feature, there are two energy efficient heated bathroom towel bar options. The first option is the electric units with intelligent Automatic Heating Technology (AHT). AHT is the only heating technology which features a built-in thermostat that automatically responds to temperature fluctuations and activates internal switches adjusting the heated towel bar. This interprets into automated optimum operating temperatures with the lowest electricity consumption as part of the advantages of a digitally operated system with no need for any manual input from the homeowner.

And the second one is the eco-friendly hydronic installation option where towel bars are heated by means of the home’s recirculating hot water system. So, regardless the weather, from the depths of winter to the heights of summer, you can rest laid-back and secured, knowing that whatsoever your pick in a heated towel bar you will get to relish the complementary benefits together with the extra pleasure of the soft comfort of a warm bath towel.


Dual Entry Electrical Connections

Decent quality heated towel bars should permit for left and right hand electrical connections for pursuing prime placement of the rail.

Quality and safety ratings

It’s quite hard to confirm a good quality heated towel bar apart from an inferior one by simply looking at it. Therefore, you can check its ratings. As an example, Bathroom Butler’s towel bars have been tested to IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-43, and granted with an international protection rating of IPX5, which means that they can also be installed above the bath.


You need to check to see if it is functionally working. A heated towel bar is a kind of long-term investment, thereby you don’t wish for keeping purchasing a new one every time it goes on the fritz.

Go for a trusted brand

There are undoubtedly countless brands on the market for this bathroom towel bar products. However, it is always better to go with one that has a trustworthy and built up reputation for producing high-qualified products, plus reliable after-sales service.

Pick stainless steel

If you are pursuing durability, decent visual appearance, and ease of maintenance, then you should choose one tha

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