Easy and Creatively Fabulous Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas

Show your warm affection every day or during this special romantic month by creating and displaying simple yet creatively stunning and heart-fluttering handmade crafts of Valentine’s Day home decor ideas. Fill your home living with heart and love in countless visual creations and decorations.

This moment is also a perfect chance to memorize and also memorialize any romantic location you have with your beloved ones in your home spacing. This can like where you met with your significant other or the spot of your first kiss, and many more. Or else, you may simply decorate your home interiors with this Valentine’s Day themes.

Of course, you are going to see this special holiday embellishments are finished in their typical colors – in festive splashes of pink, red, and white, as well as other matching or even contrasting palettes.


Welcome any visitor to your house with this vivid red rosette of heart-shaped wreath at your very front door, or other room entries. It will be such a cheery floral door decoration during this Valentine’s Day moment.

This creative idea can be such a simple and easy project to do. All you need is simply tissue paper, rolled them up to mimic roses, only a bit of cutting and crinkling, and rolling, and hot glue gun sticking, and hang them in cute heart shape. Done!

For details, to make your own tissue rose wreath, you will need to prepare red tissue papers, cardboard, hot glue gun, white satin ribbon, and red craft paint.

To start, you may cut tissue paper into 3-4” strips along its longest length edge. And then crinkle them up. To create a rosette, you can roll it up and adding dabs of hot glue at the beginning, adding a dab here and there as rolling them up, as well as a final dab of glue on the ends. After making rosettes in particular numbers, you need to prepare the frame. In this case, you can cut a cardboard into a heart shape and them paint it red. Stick each rosette onto it until all cardboard is covered. As final touch, add a satin ribbon and hang it.


Entering your living room, surprise your guests with the soft pink hues from truly beautiful daisies arranged on your mantle or fireplace mantle. Flower is indeed always a good idea for celebrating any special moment, especially for this sweet Valentine’s Day.

This time, you may arrange cherry pink daisies kept in various colored vases – white and turquoise – and contrast them against vintage white chalkboards – some are covered with the sweetest of Valentine’s Day messages.

You may display more than 5 or even ten cherry pink daisies, each in the finest white porcelain vases or shimmering turquoise ideas. Some additional turquoise decorative cups are truly welcomed here. For perfect romantic touch, combine them with vintage white finished and framed dictionary hearts as wall arts. Don’t forget about adding white candles in classic candle holders to make the look more wonderful.


You also use such natural touch to create your own exceptional Valentine’s Day home decor plans this year. What about having a unique heart-shaped wall hanging art in form of ombre driftwood? It surely will add a kind of femininity to any of your home interior.

It is also very simple to do. Just gather dried stray branches and twigs from your backyard or nearby surroundings, four shades of paint, and a string to join them together. Surprisingly, you can transform them into such an eye-catching heart branch wall art.

Pick the branches or twigs in certain length to form a heart shape. Paint them in ombre of different colors such as white and pink in each of them. Tie each of them with string to a larger branch above them. The finishing result is going to add such a textural and colorful feature to your wall.


Perpetuate this year Valentine’s Day celebration with a sort of sweet and romantic “photobooth” simply at home which can serve as an extremely eye-grabbing interior wall art. This time, you may turn to the idea of a fresh wall flower wall hanging idea.

For your own creation, you may need some fresh pinkish floral blooms like hot pink Ranunculus, dark pink Garden Rose (Baronesse), pink Garden Rose (Mayra), red Ranunculus, dusty pink Garden Rose (Romantic Antike), or other endless choices. Also, you will need floral scissors and washi tape to hang those flowers into a whimsical and pretty wall curtain.


Show your love and affection during this sweet month with pinky and reddish all-about-heart wall arts in white or creamy framed canvases. They would be such a nice and delightful decorative interior trim to look at and appreciate.

It is indeed such an easy yet undoubtedly creative decorating idea. It is all about making heart shapes from various materials. Some wonderful and easy creations can be found in pom poms, yarn, glitter, papers, tissue, and many more. And to hang them, you need to prepare small canvases, better in vintage white or soft creamy ones.

As final results you will get a set of framed canvases of heart doilies, pom poms, foam heart stickers, small silk flowers or petals, yarn, tissue paper steamers, and more. and all are in heart shapes finished in pink to red splashes.


If you wish for more vintage feel to your Valentine’s Day home decor creations, handmade dainty doily garland in heart shape can be one of the best alternatives. For sure, they are going to add a touch of vintage flair to your doorway, mantle, dresser, or other desired spots.

In this project, you may pick for some chunky gray and white baker’s – or pink would be really cute, for example – twine and some mini heart doilies (around 3 or 4 inch tall). Decide the length you want and start stringing the doilies along the twine through their own holes. For a tip, it would be easier if you wrap a piece of scotch tape around the edge before stringing.

Also, you may layer those little heart garlands with other banner creations!

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