Home Interior Elegant Furnitures: Using Ottoman as a Coffee Table

If you’re likely to jerking your feet up on the coffee table, why not make the ritual more relaxed and at ease by swapping your coffee table with an ottoman? A tray on the cushy ottoman is definitely going to keep your essentials enclosed and your drinks stable. Moreover, your interior will get such elegant furnitures in return as well.

An ottoman is frequently indeed an underappreciated living room staple. However, this piece of furniture is in fact a multipurpose gem – it can be applied as a cocktail table replacement, an ornamental footstool for a sofa, or a space-saving storage. Nowadays, you are going to see everywhere of decor spreads which substitute the living room’s old yet faithful coffee table with one or two ottomans. Whether composed of tufted fabric, leather, or suede, these ottomans show the many ways you can decorate with this understated yet indispensible accessory.

How to Apply an Ottoman as a Coffee Table

Undoubtedly, it’s more common to switch your timeworn yet loyal coffee table with one or two ottomans in today’s home living decor design ideas. It is believed that those ottomans are going to be such great ways to enhance the look of your home spacing and evoke additional touch of elegance to them. However, you need to be sure that you choose the right one and do it right. The following are some considerations regarding how to use an ottoman as a coffee table.

  1. Evaluate Your Space and Other Furniture

You may begin by considering the available space in your living room – check the dimensions of your living room – and also the surrounding furniture. You have to bear in mind the “seating” requirements around that coffee table area. In this case, you particularly need to think about any seating that you will use around the coffee table area.

By and large, the major candidates for interchanging coffee tables with one or two ottomans are home living that has small spaces. In other words, those who are short on space incline to go for an ottoman table. An ottoman is typically low-profile, compact and an enormous space saver. More importantly, you can easily move it to a corner of the room when you need to free up some floor space, or when you demand uninterrupted floor space.

  1. Take into account at the Varying Heights of the Ottoman(s)

Many individuals or home owners favor an ottoman to function just like a coffee table or at least as a substitute which serve as the same profile as a normal coffee table. It means that the ottoman will be typically lower than surrounding seating furniture pieces – chairs or couches, for example – yet quite large enough to be practically usable, more especially high enough so you can use its surface in more practical way.

In fact, some people prefer to apply an ottoman differently and literally as a coffee table – be it for sipping espresso or drinking margaritas, for example. In this case, you may pick for a lower ottoman and complement it with throw pillows or floor cushions as opposed to other taller seating. Besides forming a more modern environment, this organization works mostly well for small rooms, or if you have such a very tight space, for it will help you to save a little bit of spaces, as well as if you wish for more supple yet purposeful layouts and seating for your guests.

  1. Select a Type of Ottoman

In today’s world, you may discover ottomans in plenty different types. Therefore, you need to take into account the potential multiple uses of coffee-table ottomans. Some can be featured with a hidden storage feature and cushioned tops, while others are brilliantly designed with a kind of raised surface plus taller legs or even magazine shelf beneath.

You may find some of the fancier ones out there equipped with a tray-top table which can move, remove or rotate. Likewise, ottomans are available in various different shapes, geometrical shapes that include rectangular, square, circle, oval, and many more – for example, it even may lie low to the ground and have a pouf shape.

Also, ottomans increasingly come in pairs which link or even in sets of four or five that are able to join to form a circle. They may create a great set which are highly ideal for an interior that has a lot of free space.

Lastly, if you’re somebody who merely trying to change a standard coffee table with an ottoman – simply as functional, lightweight and streamlined – hence you may opt for a bench-style or even two small ottomans. They are going to well hit the spot for you.

oval tufted ottoman coffee table
  1. Decide on the Appropriate Finish

The finish of the ottoman, even though definitely not the most important feature, but it may still turn out to be very significant, more especially for you who are looking for the room that has the same feel it would with a great-looking coffee table.

So if you wish for a true coffee table-like feeling, you may choose ottomans with wooden tray tops or luxurious leather upholstery. They usually will turn out to be such a great option. However, you have to keep in mind that a beautiful finish will also mean spending more time on maintenance than you wish to dedicate. So if that is the case, you pursue a solution by picking a lightweight ottoman comes in a dark fabric design. This kind of ottoman has a moisture-resisting treatment on its surface to offer quicker and convenient cleaning.

Experiment with Layouts

Ottoman’s versatility has a meaning that you are given with broader range of layout options. You may obviously set an ottoman or a pair of ottomans before the loveseat and call it a day. However, you can also try to arrange an ottoman on either side of a couch of loveseat to produce end tables. Drag the ottomans to a picture window to function as an impromptu window seats. Or else, you can put four square ottomans together to create a large square shape for more modern look.

As a final tip, resist covering ottomans with knickknacks or coasters, which clutter their relatively small surface area. It is better to store necessities in a nearby drawer or basket.

The Benefits of Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table

You have plenty reasons why you should apply an upholstered ottoman coffee table as an alternative for a regular coffee table. It is true that both furniture pieces are interchangeable, and both of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, an upholstered ottoman coffee table is able to offer additional advantages that a regular coffee table cannot give.

Those benefits can be enjoyed not only by you and other adults who live at your home and those who occur to be your guests, but also can be perceived by your kids and their friends. A regular coffee table may also be advantageous for adults like you, but your children are generally not able to gain the advantages of using it. This is also the reason why when you wish for furnishing your home living room and your kid’s bedroom, it’s essential to write an ottoman instead of a coffee table in your list.

Moreover, both you and your youngsters will mostly love this kind of comfy seating furniture.

The Benefits of Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table for Adults

To begin with, an upholstered ottoman coffee table is able to serve not only as a table, but also as a stool. You may use it as an extra seating in your living room and a comfortable low upholstered stool to put your feet on.

An upholstered ottoman coffee table comes in various sizes and shapes. As an example tip, if most of your living room furniture pieces are in round shape, you can put a round upholstered ottoman coffee table to complement the fixtures.

The Benefits of Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table for Kids

This will particularly relate to the great variants of upholstered ottoman coffee table with shelf feature. If you add it at your children’s bedroom, they will be able to store their puzzles and small toys in it. Your kids are absolutely going to love the upholstered ottoman coffee table not only because they can keep their toys in it and because they can sit comfortably and securely on it, but also because due to the fact they can drag their upholstered ottoman coffee table at ease to anywhere they want, especially when they want to play their favorite games near their television.

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