Facts and Tips before Finding the Right Sectional Living Room Sets

Craving such a beautiful furniture arrangement as the center of your living room? Or simply longing for a cozy night in? Sectional living room sets can be the perfect solution. In fact, they will define the very space. Sectionals have been the family-friendly substitution to the traditional sofa or love seat for they can be one of the more diverging elements in room design. They are available in their myriad configurations and also options as their main strength.

It was famously said that sectionals were invented when an unknown furniture designer decided to attached the ottoman to the sofa and make it one piece. Since then, they gained increasing popularity during the past decade or so. One of the reasons is more family times are being spent at home in the living room for gathering, watching television or movies.

Moreover, sectionals’ design lets us to entirely relax and recline in a horizontal position – such a perfect way to cuddle up with your feet up, for example – which is contrasting to an upright armchair or even more classic, formal sofa styles.

Sectional Living Room Sets
Sectional Living Room Sets


Let’s uncover some of the mysteries out of sectionals.

Sectional is defined as an item of furniture composed of modular sections, usually or specifically a sectional sofa. Even, it is also defined in simpler way as an article of furniture in the more broad classification referred to as a couch. Meanwhile, couch itself can be described as a piece of furniture for seating three or more people in the form of a bench, with or with no armrests, which is partly or completely upholstered, and frequently trimmed with springs and tailored cushions. In short, it is primarily employed for seating, yet it might be used for sleeping as well.


In more detailed terminology, while dealing with sectionals you will often encounter such terms like RAF and LAF that will be highly related to their configurations. RAF – right arm facing – has a meaning of at the time you are facing the piece or section, the arm is on your right side. As to LAF, or left arm facing, the arm is on your left.

Why does arm matter here? The reason is that getting a proper facing arm is very crucial for you are going to join two or more pieces, and the placement of the arm will absolutely determine whether your new sectional set is going to work or not in your room.

This will also relate to the budget you are going to spend for your sectional living room sets. Basically, sectional typically consists of two or more pieces. Therefore, the fewer pieces you have to make up your sectional, the more reasonable the price will be.

Basic Building Blocks of Sectional Living Room Sets

Indeed, you can configure most sectional in different ways with the following anatomy of basic building blocks:

Sectional sofas usually provide a “three over three” design consisting of three back cushions over three seat cushions. They can be found with two arms (a standalone sofa), no arms, and one arm in LAF or RAF configurations.

As implied by its name, sectional loveseats are made up of two seats which can be in standard loveseats or console loveseats. They can be discovered in two arms, LAF, RAF, or armless arrangements.

This seating furniture can be put next to a sofa or loveseat to create longer set up. They can be found in two arms, LAF, RAF, or armless patterns.

It will be a non-reclining single seating piece which typically comes in the similar configurations with the recliner.

Corner Wedge
It is a sort of corner piece which enables a sectional sofa to fit in a corner for it will create a 90 degree angle, and it is commonly armless.

Sofa Bed
Also known as a sleeper sofa – a sofa with a foldable bed usually in queen or double sized. It offers two, one or no arm formations.

Chaise Lounge
It comes with additional long seat to allow you to stretch out and relax. Chaise lounges are normally one armed pieces (LAF or RAF) to fit on the end of a sectional sofa.

Cocktail Ottoman
They are usually large in size and seat height which is perfect for makeshift chaise lounge. They are usually featured with storage space hidden underneath the cushion.

Sectional Shapes

Beside the ram facing factor, there are three sectional shapes, namely the U-shape, the L-shape, and the Semi-circular shape.

L-shaped sectional sofa
In general, you will see this kind of sectional in form of two sofas and two small loveseats. Or else, they can be made up of one sofa and one loveseat joined together. This configuration is very ideal for entertaining, conversation, TV watching, and more. And for smaller space, L-shaped sectional sofa and chaise can be the best option. Here, a chaise at one end of the sofa will form the “L”. This arrangement allows of those seated facing the same direction.

U-shaped sectional sofa
It can be made of three sofas joined together to form two 90-degree angles. Or else, it can be created from two chaises at the end of a sofa or of two sofas and one chaise, both forming a U-shape.

Semi-circular shape
It is also known as a curved sectional. It will be the best choice for you who are looking for more contemporary look without harsh corners.

Sectional Sofa Designs

It means that the sectionals have no additional features or moving parts – or cannot be reconfigured. However, they can be seen in any sort of configuration, for some of them can be detached for transport. In this case, you need to check individual specifications for details on whether the sectional is a solid piece or interlocking.

Here you will get at least one or more of the seats recline. Pre-check the specifications of the individual sectional for details on precisely how many and which seats are reclining seats.

This is the most versatile of all the sectionals, for with modular sectional sofas you can make up individual pieces which are able to arranged and rearranged according to the preferred layout.

Sleeper sectionals are those which are available with a pull out, folding bed frame and mattress that when not in use it can be stored within the sofa itself.

Convertible Sectionals
You may convert these sectionals from a couch to a flat surface so you can use it as a bed. The sofa cushions themselves usually function as the mattress.

Some Useful Tips

# – Draw a floor plan
The first step is of course determining which configuration is right for your lifestyle and interior layout. Here, you need to draw your room to scale, and after that cut out some squares at the correct scale and do experiments with different combinations or formations.

# Consider your room size
Larger spaces enable you for complete family seating set to your living room or even basement. As an example, one side of the sectional can be made longer for you have the wall space and want the extra seating. However, if you work with smaller space, it’s probably you may only do a chaise and apartment sofa combo as opposed to a sofa and additional armchairs.

# – Consider the traffic pattern of your room
It means you have to take into account which part of your interior having the highest movement or mobile activities. For example, it would be right to put the chaise on the side with the least traffic, for if you place it on the wrong side it will be an annoyance if you have to always walk around it. Also, you have to pay attention to RAF and LAF formations.

# – Make sure the dimension
After determining the configuration, you need to be sure that the dimensions are correct. In this case, you have to measure the width of your sectionals to decide whether you need extra space to really stretch out or not. You also have to measure the sectional length for you may not want your feet hanging off because the chaise is too small.

# – Consider the pathway of delivery
Make sure that your pieces of sectional living room sets fit in the pathway of delivery, doorways, down a set of stairs, or hallways.

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