Elegant Furnitures – How to Integrate Ottomans into Your Home Interior Decor

Some people say that an ottoman is the true workhorse of a living room. Unfortunately, there are still many others who underappreciate this multifunctional piece as living room staple. Not only as elegant furnitures, you can use it as seating fixture or other more practical as well as merely ornamental features to complete and compliment your home interior decor ideas.

You may use ottomans as a place to kick your feet up or hold your favorite reading collections. Other advantages of having an ottoman can be in form of cocktail table substitution, a decorative footstool for your sofa, a coffee table, a space-saving storage, and still many more. They can be made of tufted fabric, leather, or suede, in various patterns, sizes, and also color options.

The fact is that if you know the tricks and tips of how to incorporate ottomans into your living room decor, they are going to offer you such a surprisingly multipurpose gem. In this case, you can try first to mix and match them with other seating pieces in particular space in your house.

How to Assimilate an Ottoman and Chair

When you bring in new furniture to any of your home living interior, such as an ottoman or accent chair, for example, it’s essential to coordinate them with the existing furniture.  One of the reasons is to create such a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space. When we’re talking about matching an ottoman and a chair, it’s better to have a piece that matches or compliments your existing furniture, more particularly as these two pieces are going to be side by side.

The following are some ideas for matching your ottoman with the existing chair(s).

Adjust the ottoman’s height to the chair’s. For this purpose you may sit in your chair and do some experiments with different ottoman heights by piling stuffs like boxes and pillows to make a temporary footrest until you’ve come to the most comfortable height.

Conform to your chair’s style. For relatively new chair, it’s better to check the furniture producer to see if there is an ottoman made to go with your chair, for this will be the most ideal pairing. If you don’t find one, then you have to find the other best fits. Make sure that your ottoman and chair, exclusively a leather chair, they don’t come from extremely different eras or fashion concepts. Also, keep in mind that the simpler something is, the more stress-free it will be to synchronize, while more intricate and impressive designs and fabric patterns are, the tougher to pair with others.

Harmonize colors. If your chair doesn’t come with a corresponding ottoman, it’s better to avoid purchasing one in the same color. Rather, find one that matches or compliments your chair. Dye lots vary from collection to collection and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Even, it’s nearly impossible to precisely match color. As an alternative, devote to ottomans and other living room furniture that feature complementary or accent colors or patterns for best results.

Be certain your textures get along well together. Living room furniture has such a great influence on the way your home looks. Conflicting textures will offer your otherwise matching living room a disordered appearance and touch. For instance, if you have a leather chair, you will perhaps want to escape from a microfiber ottoman and rather go for an ottoman made from leather.

How to Coordinate an Ottoman and Sectional

Guarantee a happy combination in the living room with the appropriate blend of ottoman partner for sectional sofa. It is true that ottomans are a supplementary luxury to any sectional. However, they are available in so many shapes, sizes and styles, in which deciding one can be overwhelming. Choosing the right ottoman for your modular sofa is going to highly depend on the formation and the look you want to pursue. In this case, you wish for finding one that gives the right scale, height and sense to match up with your interior.

Some of helpful tricks and tips of matchmaking your ottomans with sectionals are the follow.

    • A square ottoman usually fits well with a sectional that has equivalent lengths on both sides, as well as U-shape sofas.
    • A round ottoman is perfect for a sectional with a wedge or rounded corners. If the sectionals have no corners, it is going to be easy to get around.
    • A rectangular ottoman is highly great with an L-shape sectional. It is because that the longer width enables more people to use it.
      • If you need more extra storage, you may pick for an ottoman with a hollow center.
      • A bigger sofa is able to take a heftier ottoman, possibly one made in deep leather. Leather is also can be cleaned up well.
      • For truly long sectionals, it’s better to try two ottomans. This will permit you to pull them apart to be useful at either end or pushed together to easily get to the sofa.
      • Recent trend is so much of multiple round or square small ottomans together before the sofa. For example, you may try three for small L-shape sectionals and four for larger ones.
      • The height of your ottoman should be consistent with seat height. This will allow you such a comfortable feature for leg supporting.
      • It is undoubtedly essential to select the appropriate size of your ottoman. As a good basic rule of thumb is eighteen inches of space around all sides of your sectional.
      • However, if you wish for a smaller ottoman, you may pick for one which can fit in well if it has a skirt or small legs so it will appear weightier more especially in the open space.
      • Not only will keep the center of your sofa feeling light, an ottoman with exposed legs is also going to be able to keep the space formal.
      • If you prefer a more casual look, a skirted ottoman can be one of perfect alternatives.
      • Do you perhaps own an existing beige sectional that you wish to spice up? Simply add a patterned ottoman to produce such a unique attention.
      • You can contrast your ottoman to your sectional by choosing leather material on one and fabric upholstery on the other.
      • Pick seating furniture pieces featured with metal legs for achieving a new and shiny look. A silver or copper finish can effortlessly be attained with spray paint. Simple tips can be rubbing the legs with sandpaper, spraying with primer, and then adding the finish of your choice.
      • As a final touch, you may try a finish with texture like a woven material for a conflicting look against your sectional. By this, you may obtain such a light, natural and casual feels as a result.

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